Trust on our team to deliver reliable commercial electrical services.

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Your commercial building needs electricity to support your operations, especially if your building houses machines and equipment that are powered by electricity. MRG Electric LLC helps keep your business operations moving through our commercial electrical services that include the following:

Troubleshooting & Repairs
Various problems in your electrical systems can create disruptions in your operations, which can then cause significant losses to your company. Before these problems hurt you and your company, we can work on them first. Our experienced electric professionals can perform troubleshooting and repairs for different electrical problems within your commercial property. We help identify the causes and address them before they hamper your operations significantly.

Breaker & Fuse Repairs
At times, the flow of electrical current may exceed the levels considered safe for your facility or building. The installation of breakers and fuses to cut off the current flow whenever it exceeds safe parameters is crucial in preventing various injuries and destruction of property. When these breakers and fuses do not work properly, dangers can arise. We specialize in fixing broken or damaged breakers and fuses to make sure that the flow of electricity is kept in check and to ensure overall safety.

277 Volt Commercial Lighting Repairs & Installations
277-volt circuits, considered as high voltages, are typically used in powering commercial lighting fixtures. When you need lighting fixtures to be installed in your commercial establishment, you can count on the expertise of our team to complete the tasks on time without sacrificing quality. Aside from installations, our team also do repairs in this field.

Indoor/Outdoor Lamps & Ballast Repairs
Indoor and outdoor lamps provide illumination to their respective spaces. Additionally, ballasts provide enough electrical current to power up the lamps. When these items are not working properly, they cannot function as they are supposed to. Through a combination of expertise, experience, and tools, we can fix damages on your indoor and outdoor lamps as well as ballasts.

Exit & Emergency Power Outage Lighting
Power outages can happen at any time and may affect your establishment, including its operations. When the property is a closed one, the safety of employees and customers may be at risk without proper lighting. For the safety of your employees and customers in the event of a power outage, we can help install exit and emergency lighting signs, properly connecting wires to where they should be connected.

Restaurant Equipment Hook-Ups
Restaurants certain kinds of equipment to help in the preparation and serving of meals to customers. These types of equipment should be attached to various connection ports, including electricity and gas, among others. We specialize in connecting and setting up various restaurant equipment such as commercial electric ranges, convection ovens, broilers, steamers, fryers, and more.

Time Clocks & Photo Cells
We are experts in installing time clocks and photocells which make use of energy efficiently. They turn on and off various systems automatically, as per settings, according to variations in day and night. These are useful in lighting systems and even in irrigation systems.

220- & 240-Volt Dedicated Circuits
Your facility or establishment may be using power tools for your operations. 220- & 240-volt dedicated circuits are required to power up these tools due to their specific electrical requirements. These dedicated circuits can be installed by our professionals in your commercial property within a reasonable period of time.

Copiers, Faxes, and Computer Circuits
Offices definitely need copiers, faxes, and computers to perform office works. These machines all have to be installed and connected properly for them to work. Our professionals can set up circuits for copiers, faxes, and computers used in your operations. We are experienced and knowledgeable in their proper installation for proper functioning.

New Panels & Transformers
Panels and transformers are important components in regulating the flow of electricity within different circuits in your property. We can install new panels and transformers according to applicable techniques and regulations. Our team is insured, licensed, and experienced in handling the installation of these components.

Property Managers & HOA Service
Our team works with property managers and homeowners’ associations to ensure efficient and effective electrical services. We understand that these individuals are the main people we should talk to about matters related to the property we are working on. Our courteous professionals will make sure that the property’s electrical needs are communicated by property managers and homeowners’ associations to us and that such needs are addressed.

Code Violations & Repairs
Electrical systems must be installed according to the regulations set by the government and proper authorities. Failure to follow these codes will not only lead to penalties from the authorities but will also endanger the safety of individuals within a specific property. We can help inspect your property’s electrical systems for code violations. Once found, you can expect us to advise you on what to do as well as perform the necessary repairs.

Motor Control Circuits
Air conditioning units typically require a higher voltage to start the motors while also needing a lower voltage for continuous operation. The motor control circuit is responsible for changing the voltage from high to low. Our team handles motor control circuits for commercial air conditioning units, specifically their repairs and maintenance.

Allow our licensed and insured team of electricians to handle your commercial electrical needs. Call us at 571-277-9542 for more information on our service offerings.