Expert electrical services for the safety, comfort, and convenience of individuals and families in their own homes

electrician working on ceiling wiring

MRG Electric LLC aims to make your residence a safe place for you and your loved ones. We offer residential electrical services that include the following:

Single & Multi-Family Home Wiring
Home wiring is one of the most overlooked aspects of building a home. However, it is actually a vital process as one wrong connection can spell trouble for the whole household. This is why you need the expertise and experience of our electricians to ensure that every area, nook, and cranny of your home is properly wired and set up.

Appliances and dedicated circuits
Power strips and multiple appliances don’t go hand in hand. The wires and cords won’t only cause a fall hazard, but several appliances plugged in one outlet can lead to a system overload, too. You can prevent that from happening by requesting our electricians to install dedicated circuits for your appliances.

Arc fault breakers
Electrical fires can happen in any home. But it shouldn’t take place in yours when you have the necessary precautions in place. With arc fault breakers in place, the circuits in your home will be prevented from sparking electrical fires. Call us to have them installed for you.

Attic fans
Does your home feel hotter than it should? Then perhaps it’s time you decided to have attic fans installed. These will not only help ventilate your home, but they will also protect the items you store in the attic protected from heat damage. Let us handle the job for you.

Breakers and fuses
Every home needs breakers and fuses. These contraptions act as safety switches which enable you to interrupt the flow of electricity when needed. As a result, you will be able to prevent a possible fire before it starts. Let us do the installation job for you.

Ceiling fans
Does the air inside your home seem stale and stagnant? If it is making you uncomfortable, then you shouldn’t wait too long to have ceiling fans installed. With these, your home interior will become properly ventilated and even cozier. Allow us to handle the job for you.

Clothes dryers
These machines are a staple part of every home. But with their bulky nature, it’s quite difficult to set them up on your own. At times, you might even risk damaging the equipment. Don’t worry, with our help, your clothes dryers will be set up in the most efficient manner.

Complete home rewires
Rewiring the electric work of your home is not a job you should attempt on your own. Not only can it damage your appliances if not done right, but it can put you in serious danger as well. Let us take care of the work for you. We will complete the task safely and remove electrical fire threats at the same time.

Electric car charging station
Need a port for your plug-in electric vehicle? Our team has the skills and knowledge to set up one that is safe and efficient for you. Discuss your needs with one of our specialists.

Electrical outlets (receptacle)
Do you find yourself often at a loss of a free electrical outlet to plug your devices in? Well, we can install a couple of new ones at your request. Just let us know where you need them set up and we’ll take care of the rest.

Electrical panels (breaker panels)
These pieces of equipment are the ones responsible for distributing electricity from the power feed right into the circuits in your home. Sounds technical? It’s not a problem. We have the expertise and skills to set them up and ensure they function perfectly.

How do you feel about a power outage? If you find it inconvenient just as much as the next person, then you should consider investing in an alternative source of electricity, such as a generator. With it, your residence will be able to remain stable despite an ongoing blackout. Contact us to have it set up and connected to several points in your home.

GFCI outlets
Calamities don’t always come with a warning. And because of that, you should prepare for them. Let our team install GFCI (Ground Fault Interrupt Circuits) outlets in your home. These special outlets can detect dangerous ground faults and immediately shut the power off to prevent dangerous shocks.

Grounding & bonding
Being jolted by electricity while handling devices is highly dangerous. Allow us to help you prevent it. With our grounding and bonding services, you won’t have to worry about conducting sudden dangerous voltages from equipment or appliances anymore.

Landscape lighting
A well-lighted outdoor area doesn’t just enhance your home’s sense of aesthetics. It also helps you showcase your garden work and discourage deviants from breaking into your property at the same time. If you don’t have proper landscape lighting installed yet, you can rely on us to efficiently handle the project for you.

Lighting fixtures
Do some areas of your home seem dimmer than the rest? Then perhaps you need to add more lighting fixtures in those rooms. Let us know how you want it done and our electricians will execute the job with ease.

Meter bases
If you’re worried or simply curious about the amount of electricity that you’re consuming over a period of time, a meter base will serve to keep you informed. Reach out to us and we’ll set it up for you easily.

Have baking and cooking always been your passions? Even if they aren’t, a microwave is always a convenient addition to any household. If you’re not certain how to set one up, we can do it for you.

Oven & stove connections
Meal preparation is a great part of daily life. Hence, it’s only natural to always have ovens and stoves in good working order. Allow us to handle the connections and set up for you.

Equipment for pools, spas, and saunas
What type of equipment do you require to be set up? Whatever it may be, we can handle the project. Once the installation is done, you can rest assured that it will work as desired and is safe to use.

Recessed lighting/recessed can lighting
Not a fan of protruding light fixtures? Then this setup is the perfect option for you. Recessed lighting (as the name implies) hides a bulb or source of light into a pocket, creating a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing design. If you’d like to try it out, we can have this arranged for you.

Smoke detectors
Smoke detectors aren’t always the focus of every home, but they are a necessary addition. With these devices working in their best condition, you and your loved ones will be able to stay safe from fire hazards. Allow us to ensure that they are installed and wired properly for you.

Surge protection
Voltage spikes aren’t always avoidable, but there is something you can do to keep your home appliances and yourself protected by it. Connect with us and we will complete your surge protection installation and repair needs.

Switches & dimmers
Are the switches in your home not installed in a convenient location? You don’t need to keep tolerating the awkward placement. We can fix it up with respect to your needs, preferences, or specifications.

If you think there may be something faulty in your electrical work, don’t hesitate to step up and consult with us. We have a team that specializes in determining electrical problems in your home. And once we have identified the issue, you can count on us to rectify it as well.

Whole house fans
If ceiling fans don’t get the job done for you, then whole house fans most certainly will. These devices are designed to circulate air not just in one area, but through your whole house (just as the name says). Let us handle the installation process for you.

120/220/277/480 Volts
The numbers may seem confusing, but they are actually just different types and levels of volts. Our electricians are greatly skilled and familiar with them so you can trust that we will get the job done efficiently for you.

Circuit breakers and fuses replacement
Have you noticed something wrong with your circuit breakers and fuses? Don’t worry, our team of specialists can offer you sound advice about it and offer you replacement services at the same time.

Receptacles and switches changes and upgrades
Not satisfied with the current placement of receptacles and switches in your home? We can make adjustments that will grant you better functionality and added safety.

Installation of chandeliers, outdoor, and indoor lights
Added illumination, whether outdoors or indoors, can always help make a home look more vibrant and welcoming. If you have been planning on installing chandeliers and added indoor or outdoor lighting, our professionals can get the job done for you.

Real-estate buyers or sellers inspection reports & correction
We aren’t just skilled in providing you with excellent solutions for your electrical needs. In fact, we can also give assistance to both buyers and sellers who would like to verify reports of inspections conducted on various real estate properties. On top of that, we can also provide and make corrections as needed.

Code Corrections
Do you have concerns regarding code corrections? We can take care of them for you. Let us know what you need and we’ll work on it as soon as possible.

Ceiling fans and bathroom exhaust fans installation
Proper ventilation prevents unwanted scents from settling into your home. And to achieve proper ventilation, you will be needing bathroom exhaust fans and ceiling fans installed. Contact us to have them installed in your home promptly.

Dedicated 120- & 220-Volt Circuits
Different appliances and devices sometimes require different voltages for them to work. If you accidentally mix them up, your gadgets can get damaged. Let our professionals install Dedicated 120- and 220-volt circuits in your home to prevent that from happening.

Electric Water Heaters
Hot water is a basic need in every home. And in order to obtain that, you will need to have electric water heaters properly installed in your household. Our electricians can complete this assignment for you.

Appliance Circuits
Improper installation and circuitry can damage your appliances. Thankfully, you can avoid that by getting hold of our services. Aside from giving repairs and checking the overall functionality of the said circuits, we can also perform the installation for you. This way, everything will be functioning properly right from the start.

Hot Tubs & Spa
Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a relaxing bath after a tiring day at work? If you have been ruminating about having a hot tub or spa installed in your home, we’re the people you can count on to complete the project for you.

Looking through the list above, you can tell that we are able to handle a great variety of projects for your home. In case you have inquiries about our services, don’t hesitate to call 571-277-9542. Our expert electricians are on standby to take your call.